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About the monitor

About the monitor


A financial crime risk open database for professionals in banking

The FinCrime Risk Monitor is the largest public database for financial crime risk scores on the planet. It evaluates more than 21000 banks' across nine risk themes to offer you an overall indicative score.

A database of more than 21000 banks around the world

With the largest available digital open database, you can look for your own report, your counterparties, or any other bank you are interested in evaluating. Filter through region, country, and even search through their BIC and LEI codes.

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Reports generated with up to four different data sources

Gathering information from public data, proprietary data, the Wolfsburg Due Diligence Questionnaire, and institutional data, our risk model analyses up to 1200 data points to deliver an indicative score.

Risk themes analysis for a global indicative score

Our global indicative scores are built by analysing nine risk themes based on a range of public and proprietary data sources. From "Transactional Risk" to "Governance Framework" we collect a variety of data to deliver a unique and actionable score.

powered by Elucidate

Powered by the Elucidate FinCrime Index

The FinCrime Risk Monitor is based on the analysis of the Elucidate FinCrime Index. The EFI is the only regulated financial crime risk benchmark in the market.