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Indicative Risk Score

Transactional Activity

This theme analyses transactions executed by the institution on behalf of itself or its clients and how they introduce risk. It also measures the efficacy of the transaction monitoring system as well as the data captured on transactions.

Customer Portfolio

This theme analyses the institution's customers including their entity type, industry, risk categories, industry, and PEP status and also evaluates the Due Diligence and KYC process conducted on the customer base.

Organisational Reputation

This theme searches for regulatory enforcement actions against the institution and negative press pertaining to any issues of financial crime which reflect poorly on the organization.

Geographic Footprint

This theme analyses risk and control eventualities related to financial crime risk associated with jurisdictions where there is variance in terms of transparency, the rule of law, enforcement, economic policy, and financial infrastructure.


This theme includes risk and control eventualities related to economic sanctions issued by authorities for key currencies, specifically the EU, the OFAC, HMT, the METI, and the UN.

Culture and Employee Conduct

This theme evaluates the effectiveness of an institution’s employee training program, institutional culture regarding anti-financial crime measures, and controls in place to reduce the risk of criminal employee misconduct.

Bribery and Corruption

This theme evaluates the inherent risk the institution has containing the possibility of conducting predicate offences to money-laundering by employees, vendors, or other parties.

Product and Channels

This theme relates to the different products and services offered by the institution and how these are made available to the clients.

Governance Framework

This theme includes the governance and design of the institution’s anti-financial crime programme and any potential risks that result from blindspots or deficiencies in the governance framework.

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